Summer Solstice Ceremony

ceremony summer solstice Jun 21, 2020

Dear Women of Magic,

The Summer Solstice is one of the most important cycles. It is the longest day of the year. The days we receive the most light from father sun.

I share with you a ceremony that can be done within the three-day cycle of the Solstice which is from June 20th thru 22nd.
Ideas and Suggestions to Spark your Magic:
•Gather your magic tools and the amulets you wear-crystals, necklaces, earrings, instruments, and so on, place them outdoors for the solar rays to encode them and magnify their power.
•Create a Solstice Altar honoring the Sun and the Summer (Harvest Time). ⠀⠀
•Write a Gratitude Letter for all that has come into fruition and has ripened since last Solstice.
•Offer the letter to the fire (a candle will do) to illuminate, recycle and renew the energies of creation that have reached its maximum expansion. Collect the ashes.
•Now write a letter about what you would like to Magnify. Then grab a stone blow the desired dreams into the stone. Feel your self as the Creatrix of your own life. You are the daughter of father sun being supported by his luminosity and expansion.
•Dance, play music if you wish and celebrate, feel the kundalini, your life force awaken with the sun, dance with stone in your hand so it may receive the energy of joy and self-generation. Uplift your Spirit with your dance.

•Then go outside, grab the ashes and create a circle outside in nature with whatever you find like leaves, stones, branches, shells, seaweed. Use the ashes you collected place them in the center of the circle and all around. With the intention to make the ground fertile. Now grab the stone and place it on top of the ashes in the center of the circle with the powerful intention to anchor your desired dreams.

•Let it sit under the sun all day so it can magnify and expand with the solar activation.
•After the sun sets, grab the stone and bring it to your altar.
This stone carries the magnified energy of the Solstice. Use it when you wish to activate something.

•You can place the letter on your altar and then later in your journal or in a magic book. Tuck it away so you may be surprised when you find it again to see what has manifested and awaken within you.


***This is a starting point to inspire your Solstice Ceremony. Let your intuitive nature guide you.***

We are here to support your magic!

With love,